The trusty trench

Winter Fashion

Now that winter is upon us, there are four items every woman should have in their wardrobe – a classic black sweater, a trench coat, a great pair of denim jeans and a pair of black boots.

If you’re having one of those ‘what am I going to wear’ meltdowns, you can always reach for the classics as they’re never going to let you down. You know you can count on your trusty black jumper, boots and jeans to save the day whether it’s going for a walk in the countryside or popping in to a bar to meet your girlfriends.

And if it’s a nice, crisp, frosty day, throw in your favourite pair of sunglasses too – you’ll be guaranteed to impress.

Being classy and sexy isn’t always about wearing something short or flashing the flesh, it’s about wearing what suits the occasion. And on a cold winter’s day or night, if you’re freezing cold, what you’re wearing isn’t going to help you look either classy or sexy!

The classics may be practical and, to some, maybe too conservative but at this time of year, you can still wear them and look smart, chic and at the height of fashion. Get the combination right and not only will you feel great on the inside, you’ll look great on the outside too.